Capture Your Bluebonnet Family Photos at Arlington’s Beautiful Parks
By brittneyphillips
Posted on March 31, 2017, March 31, 2017

A sure sign that spring has arrived are the patches of lovely bluebonnets in bloom across the Lone Star State.

For many, taking pictures with the state flower is a family tradition. Luckily, Arlington residents don't have to travel far from home to find a safe location for the perfect picture. Bluebonnets and other wildflowers can be found in public parks across The American Dream City, from River Legacy Parks in north Arlington down to S.J. Stovall Park in the southern end of the city.

Beautiful Parks

Bluebonnets are in bloom at Veterans Park.
Photo Credit: Brittney Phillips

Veterans Park

In west Arlington, a large patch of bluebonnets can be found in the wildlife and xeriscape garden at Veterans Park. The xeriscape garden is in full bloom with fragrant flowers and greenery. Veterans Park is located at 3600 West Arkansas Lane.

Beautiful Parks

Thora Hart Park makes for a lovely photo setting.
Photo Credit: Brittney Phillips

Thora Hart Park

If you prefer not getting down in the dirt for bluebonnet pictures travel a little more west to Thora Hart Park, located at 3510 West Green Oaks Boulevard. This park has a large layout of bluebonnets around a park bench, perfect for keeping the kids from getting grass stains on their clothes. The bluebonnets can be found just a few feet from the parking lot.

Beautiful Parks

Julia Burgen Park offers a naturally beautiful backdrop for family portraits.
Photo Credit: Brittney Phillips

Julia Burgen Park

Travel to the new Julia Burgen Park, 1299 South Mesquite Street, in east Arlington for a large field full of bluebonnets and shade from large oaks. This field can be easily accessed from the walking path, a bench close to the wildflowers and a great backdrop of large trees and greenery.

Beautiful Parks

S.J. Stovall Park features lovely Indian paintbrushes along with bluebonnets.
Photo Credit: Brittney Phillips

S.J. Stovall Park

Wildflowers can also be found across from the Bad Königshofen Family Aquatic Center at S.J. Stovall Park in south Arlington. This large nature area is full of blooming bluebonnets and vibrant Indian paintbrushes, making it a beautiful backdrop for family portraits. S.J. Stovall Park is located at 2800 West Sublett Road.

Beautiful Parks

River Legacy Parks features a variety of wildflowers.
Photo Credit: Brittney Phillips

River Legacy Parks

At River Legacy Parks in north Arlington, a small patch bluebonnets can be found among other colorful flowers in the Rose-Brown-May nature area. Make the first left turn off the main road in the park to find this nature area. The flowers are located across from a large playground and picnic area, making for a perfect day out in the park with the family. River Legacy is located at 701 Northwest Green Oaks Boulevard.

Stay Safe

Because of safety concerns, the Texas Department of Public Safety urges people not to take photos with the wildflowers along busy highways.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind during your photo session:

  • Obey traffic and parking signs
  • Watch for snakes, ants and other wildlife
  • Avoid trampling the wildflowers
  • Take lots of photos and make great family memories in The American Dream City!

Post your bluebonnet photos to the City's Facebook page, tweet them at @CityofArlington or post on the City's Instagram (cityofarlington) using the hashtag #AmericanDreamCity.

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