What’s That Noise? Sound System Testing at Maverick Stadium
By Office of Communication
Posted on November 01, 2012, November 01, 2012

Maverick Stadium at UT Arlington is in the process of completing the installation of a new sound system. On Thursday, November 1, the vendor that is installing the new system will conduct tests of the system. This is an all day process and it will require the running of a static test (white noise) so they can set the proper levels. IT WILL BE LOUD. It will be an all day process and, unfortunately, unavoidable. These tests have to be done to complete the project.

Maverick Stadium is a 12,500 seat multipurpose facility that plays host to all types of sporting, charity, festival and special events year round. Maverick Stadium is centrally located in the DFW area and it is an excellent choice for all types of local and national events.

What’s That Noise
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