Building Receives New Drought Tolerant Landscaping
By Office of Communication
Posted on November 20, 2012, November 20, 2012

The Arlington Parks and Recreation Department has recently facilitated a multitude of projects across the city over the past two years, with the intention of beautifying the appearance of building structures via landscaping renovations.

The City Tower was re-landscaped this past summer, and two years ago, City Hall received a much needed facelift. Landscape improvements were completed this fall to the Southwest and Northeast Libraries. " Forestry and Beautification staff has been working to enhance the appearance of the city along with improving the customer experience when visiting city buildings,' said Jeremy Ramsey, Park Landscape Supervisor. " The use of Texas native drought tolerant plants help reduce water consumption and beautify the city to its natural appearance all at one time. It's a win-win.'

Improvements to the Parks and Recreation Administration Building are currently underway. " The most important aspect of these landscape improvements is sustainability and we create each design with its future needs in mind,' said Heather Dowell, Urban Forestry and Land Manager. " As a new feature to the landscaping, a 9000 gallon cistern will be installed on the south side of the building to collect water runoff from the roof and will be a design feature in the landscape. This water will be used for irrigation to sustain the new landscaping.'

It anticipated that the landscaping will be completed in the next few weeks with some additional building enhancements later this winter. Next on the agenda will be the Central Library. It will receive some much needed enhancements this spring.

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