Summer Camp is S-s-simply Gr-r-reat!
By Office of Communication
Posted on July 05, 2012, July 05, 2012

Arlington Parks and Recreation Department Partners with Arlington Animal Services to provide summer youth campers with an appealing educational event!

Cliff Nelson 2012 summer campers had an educational, and especially adventuresome learning experience this summer. Arlington Animal Services (AAS) teamed up with the Parks and Recreation Department to provide an unforgettable learning experience.

Campers, ages 7-12 years of age, learned about responsible pet ownership and the importance of being safe around animals, and, as an added surprise - reptiles, too! Code Compliance Officer and Veterinarian Technician, Stephen Anthony introduced the awestruck campers to Mowgli, a 17 year old, four and a half foot, Ball Python. Officer Anthony taught the children fun facts about snakes, including information about their environment, diet and proper handling - and most importantly, to avoid any unfamiliar creatures, especially snakes!

AAS Volunteer and Administrative Coordinator, Cheri Colbert engaged the youth in an interactive demonstration of how to be safe and protect themselves when approached by unfamiliar animals with the assistance of Leroy Brown ofRespect A Bull, Inc. First, the children stood tall and motionless, with their arms close to their sides as a trunk of a tree, and then they rolled into balls, like rocks, as Leroy Brown made his way through the rows of children providing licks that produced giggles and laughter.

Another visitor with the campers was Bubba, a three year old Guinea Pig. Officer Anthony educated the youth about the diet, desired environment, joys and difficulties of caring for pocket pets.

The campers seemed most interested in Leroy Brown and Mowgli, the snake. They asked many questions about what snakes eat, who they live with, and more. Leroy Brown educed warm and fuzzy feelings by indulging the children with pet therapy as the children got to pet him and receive affectionate licks and happiness in return.

Summer Camp

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