Seven Year Old Gives Back to the Community
By Office of Communication
Posted on May 09, 2012, May 09, 2012

Barrett Eudaric is a young man that cares about his community - with a special interest in helping Arlington's homeless animals.

On May 3rd, Barrett turned seven years old and the following day, 18 of his buddy's celebrated with him at a basketball theme birthday party at Elzie Odom Athletic Center. There was a catch - rather than bring personal gifts for Barrett, attendees were asked to bring a donation for the animals of Arlington Animal Services (AAS). It was a big score for the homeless shelter animals.

Barrett's mother Shelley Wigley said "Barrett loves animals and just wanted to give the animals gifts for his birthday." The young Butler Elementary student has a beautiful and cherished 14 year old silver Husky family pet named Maggie.

AAS manager Chris Huff sends out a special thank you to Barrett and his family, the Parks and Recreation Department and all of the kids in the community that donate their precious birthday gifts to the homeless shelter animals.

By Carol Weemes

 Back to the Community

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