Animals and Environment Volunteers of UT Arlington Show Dedication
By Office of Communication
Posted on December 21, 2012, December 21, 2012

This bright team of volunteers is described as having strong work ethics and dedication

It is always a great day at Arlington Animal Services when the team of UT Arlington Animals and Environment Committee volunteers are present. On Saturday, December 1, 2012, a total of 23 students arrived at 9 a.m. sharp to meet with the shelter' s lead volunteer, Steve Kunkel.

These enthusiastic volunteers cleaned the Moritz Wellness Clinic from the ceiling to the floors, mopped and swept the kennels, cleaned windows in the adoption mall, and socialized dogs and cats from adoption areas.

Kunkel enjoys leading this group because of their "strong work ethics, and dedication to making the shelter a better place before they leave for the day'.

The job of unfolding newspapers to prepare them for the feline kennel cages can be a tedious job, but these UT Arlington volunteers make it a fun experience.

The time student volunteers give means a lot to the students' , and their help is a huge benefit to the AAS staff. Their interaction with the orphaned animals is priceless.

Thank you to the UT Arlington volunteers for their efforts and hard work at the AAS center.

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For more information, contact Arlington Animal Services at 817-459-5898.

Animal and Environment Volunteers from UT Arlington volunteer at AAS with Lead Volunteer Steve Kunkel

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