Dog of the Week – Meet Hershey
By Office of Communication
Posted on July 17, 2012, July 17, 2012

Are you ready to meet the coolest guy in Arlington? Look no further. Here is Hershey, the famous Arlington Animal Services (AAS) Dog of the Week! Hershey is a fun loving adult Chocolate Labrador Retriever mix. Do you like to go on walks? So does Hershey! Do you like to lounge on the sofa? So does Hershey! Whatever you are up to, so is Hershey! All Hershey is looking for is his new best friend and family. Weighing in at 80 pounds Hershey is a big boy, with a huge amount of love to give. So, if you are up for playing a game of fetch, or going for a stroll, don't forget about Hershey. He is looking for someone to spend time with, too! You simply cannot resist this handsome Lab. Hershey is the coolest guy at the AAS. If you would like to meet Hershey, he is at AAS in Dog Adoptions (D.A.) 28 and his animal ID number is 16586231. Hershey is waiting to meet you today!

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