Annual Pavement Survey to Gather Data on South Arlington Street Conditions
By Office of Communication
Posted on August 17, 2018, August 17, 2018

There's little doubt about the impact technology has on our daily lives. We see it everywhere we look our computers, phones, cars, refrigerators, and road maintenance. Yes, even the upkeep of the roads you drive is affected by technology.

During the last week in August, Arlington's Public Works and Transportation Department will continue its annual pavement survey program, which uses technology to inventory the condition of all streets within the city limits.

This project consists of contracting with a third-party vendor who operates a fleet of sophisticated data collection vehicles equipped with an array of precision instrumentation and data collection equipment. Each year the vendor collects data on one-third of the City's street.

Beginning this weekend, all City streets generally bounded on the north by Green Oaks Boulevard and Bardin Road to the southern city limits will be surveyed. A survey of central Arlington was conducted in August 2017 and a survey of north Arlington is scheduled for August 2019.

"This pavement management program provides a condition inventory of every street segment in the city and tracks its maintenance history, which helps staff identify deficiencies, prioritize roadway projects, and monitor pavement performance," said Mindy Carmichael, Director of Public Works and Transportation. "By continuing to invest in technology, we have afforded ourselves the ability to make informed decisions that allow staff to optimize available resources and protect the resident's investment in the most cost-effective manner."

The vehicles will travel the selected roads to collect information on:

  • The type, extent, and severity of pavement surface distress (i.e. cracks and ruts); and
  • The smoothness and ride comfort of the road.

Click here to view of the 2018 Pavement Survey Map

The data collected is entered into an asset management system and combined with other factors to determine the road's score, or Overall Condition Index (OCI), of 0-100. The OCI assigned to individual road segments assists city officials in identifying the proper level of maintenance needed to keep the road viable for as long as possible or if a complete rebuild is needed.

Click here to see a map of current street conditions.

This technology gathering allows the City to develop a comprehensive and proactive approach to roadway management that ensures road maintenance budgets are spent wisely. Since adopting a "worst first" approach to road maintenance in 2015, the OCI of 140 lane miles of road way have been improved.

The pavement survey aligns with two Arlington City Council priorities, Enhance Regional Mobility and Put Technology to Work.

Residents with questions or needing additional information regarding the vehicles, project, or process are encouraged to contact the City of Arlington at 817-459-6561. To stay up-to-date on street improvements across The American Dream City, visit the City of Arlington's Street Tracker website.

Enhance Regional Mobility, Put Technology to Work
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