Dog of the Week – Meet Ed
By Office of Communication
Posted on July 23, 2012, July 23, 2012

I wonder what it is like to be loved? That may be what Ed is thinking right now. Look at those pondering eyes and how gorgeous this boy is! We simply could not resist Ed's cuteness, so we had to induct him into the Arlington Animal Services "Dog of the Week" fame. Ed was found wandering on the access road of highway 360 so an Arlington Animal Services officer picked him up and brought him to the shelter for safety and air conditioning. Now Ed (or Eddie as the shelter volunteers like to call him), is just wondering who the lucky person is that will adopt him. Ed has a charm about him that not a lot of dogs have, and that is pure charisma! Ed might make you laugh until you cry, and laugh until your sides hurt, because he is just that much fun to be around! Ed is just as silly as they come, so if you are looking to adopt an all around fabulous dog than look no further! Ed seems to have it all! Good looks, charm, charisma, and personality to boot, yep, that's Ed! Ed is an adult, probably a little over a year old. He is a Terrier/ Pit Bull mix, weighing 50 pounds. He arrived at the shelter on July 9, and is patiently waiting for his forever home with a loving family. If you would like to make Ed's dreams come true, come and meet him today. Ed is in Dog Adoptions (D.A.) 4 and his ID number is 16676649. Since Ed is considered a V.I.P. Pet his adoption fee is only $50!

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