Lions and Toucans and Cheetahs! OH MY!
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Posted on April 14, 2012, April 14, 2012

The Jungle Takes Over the Elzie Odom Athletic Center's 30-Foot Climbing Wall

A newly renovated rock wall area at Elzie Odom Athletic Center in North Arlington is now open.

The area in the sports and fitness-oriented recreation center was expanded to include a glass enclosure with a cool blue climbing wall that has green, gold, and deep red accents. Eight-foot tall panels featuring beautiful graphics of tigers, waterfalls, giraffes, cheetahs, lions, and toucans provide a jungle/rainforest ambience. There is also a spectacular view of the Trinity River on one side.

Wendy Parker, athletic director for the City of Arlington said, "You should see the view of the river in the fall. When all of the leaves are changing color, it's breath taking. It's as if you could see three worlds, the jungle, the rainforest and the Trinity."

With the additional space the renovation provides, the rock climbing area is expected to be an attractive place for gatherings. The large rooms can be utilized for corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, showers, and family reunions. Party service packages are also available.

The climbing area has two main themes. Safari features a traditional jungle theme and the Rainforest features a mysterious, misty rainforest experience. Birthday parties featuring a safari or rainforest themed cake are available and pizza can be added to the menu for an additional charge.

Indoor climbing is a very popular sport and fitness element where people of all ages are reaching for the handholds and stepping on the incuts to reach the peak. This adventure is, of course, done indoors in air-conditioned comfort and with supervised safety procedures. Climbing classes for youth (children must be at least 6 years old) and adults are offered regularly at the Elzie Odom facility. You can choose from a one-on-one session with an instructor or classes of no more than ten participants.

"This new remodeled rock climbing area is a great addition to our facility and we expect it to be very popular," said Parker. "It fits in perfectly with our sports and fitness center that includes other activities such as youth soccer and basketball leagues, and adult basketball, volleyball and in-line hockey leagues. It also furthers our goal of providing the right programs and activities for our customer base."

To find out more information about programs and classes offered at Elzie Odom Athletic Center, call 817-459-6434 or go to the parks website and click on Center Guide to take you to the Elzie Odom.

By Cheryl Nason

Lions and Toucans

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