Mosquito Spraying Efforts Continue Monday Night – Aug. 20, 2012
By Office of Communication
Posted on August 20, 2012, August 20, 2012

Mosquito spraying trucks will hit the streets in Arlington for a second round of spraying on Monday night at 10:30. It's the second of three consecutive nights planned for the adult mosquito control effort. Sunday night's spraying effort covered roughly 1,200 acres across three targeted areas.

On Saturday morning, more than five thousand door hangers were distributed in the neighborhoods within the spraying zones. Weather permitting, spraying will take place Monday and Tuesday nights, between 10:30 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. in the following locations:

  • Jake Langston Park Spraying Area (pdf)
  • Airport Spraying Area (pdf)
  • Doug Russell Park Spraying Area (pdf)

The City will use a low concentration of Envion, a water-based Permethrin in specific areas where larviciding and other measures have not proven effective. Although this product poses no significant health risk, please observe the following precautions to reduce the risk of reactions:

  • Whenever possible, stay indoors during spraying.
  • Some individuals are sensitive to pesticides. Persons with asthma or other respiratory conditions are encouraged to stay inside during spraying since there is a possibility that spraying could worsen these conditions.
  • Air conditioners may remain on. But if you wish to reduce the possibility of indoor exposure to pesticides, set the air conditioner vent to the closed position, or choose the recirculate function.
  • Remove children's toys, outdoor equipment and clothes from outdoor areas during spraying. If these items are exposed to pesticides, wash with soap and water before using again.
  • Remove pets, along with their food and water bowls, from outdoor areas during spraying.
  • Wash skin and clothing exposed to pesticides with soap and water.
  • Always wash your produce thoroughly before cooking or eating.
  • Anyone experiencing adverse reactions to pesticides should seek medical care or call 9-1-1.

For more information on the City's ongoing efforts concerning West Nile Virus, please call the Arlington Action Center at 817-459-6777 or visit

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