Dog of the Week – Meet Dundee
By Office of Communication
Posted on September 05, 2012, September 05, 2012

Howdy ya'll! Are you ready to meet a true cowboy style Texas dog? Well look no further! Here is Dundee, the Arlington Animal Services (AAS) "Dog of the Week!" Dundee is an Australian Cattle Dog that is all around fun! He will stay right by your side, and sit in your lap! How fun is that for great companionship? Dundee was a stray brought to AAS hoping to find his forever home. He is only a 38 pound adult pup who is as fun-loving as they come. He has been around other dogs and children, and seems to do great with both! He will make you laugh and smile once you see the tricks and antics that he has up his paw. He knows sit on command if you have a doggie biscuit for him; however he knows more, he just does not divulge everything at once.

Someone has spent some time training this smart dog! You simply cannot go wrong by coming out to meet this boy! He is a true cowboy and just wants to show you everything he knows! Dundee says come on ya'll - come and meet me! Yee-haw! If you would like to meet Dundee he is at AAS in Dog Adoptions (D.A) 22 and his ID number is 16986266.

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