Volunteer of the Month – Gayle Hatala, Crime Scene Unit
By Office of Communication
Posted on October 01, 2011, October 01, 2011

Gayle has graciously volunteered in our Crime Scene Unit since January of 1996. She holds the record for most tenured volunteer within the Police Department. Gayle comes in regularly and assists with numerous tasks that help free up time for our Unit members. Her assistance is invaluable!

Her many job duties include: archiving Crime Scene case files; entering employee and sex offender fingerprints into the COGENT database; retrieving and providing mug shots of offenders to other Police agencies; handling numerous photograph requests for Police Detectives and Open Records Requests; and many other miscellaneous helpful tasks that ensure our Unit runs more efficiently.

Gayle is very generous with her time and never seeks recognition for her valuable contribution to our Unit. She has always been very modest about her role within the Police Department. Gayle is a positive, thoughtful, and extremely giving individual. All third-floor employees know to stop by each week when Gayle brings in her usual large bag of candy and treats to share with everyone.

It is rare to find someone willing and able to commit or donate their valuable time, especially for such a lengthy span. We are truly blessed to have Gayle as part of our Crime Scene family. She is a jewel and should be recognized for her hard work and dedication to the City of Arlington. Gayle truly deserves this honor, which would let her know just how much we really appreciate her time and efforts.

Thank you for your consideration. What an honor this would be to recognize our longest tenured Police Department volunteer under the City's new program.

Volunteer of the Month – Gayle Hatala

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