Arlington Citizens Rate Satisfaction with Services
By Office of Communication
Posted on March 18, 2011, March 18, 2011

In fall 2010, the City of Arlington conducted its ninth Citizen Satisfaction Survey since the year 2000. The survey asks questions about the quality of life in Arlington and neighborhoods, perceived problems, satisfaction with services and facilities, and whether or not the City is on the right track.

Overall, the responses to the survey indicated high levels of satisfaction. According to the report, four out of five residents surveyed (82 percent) rate the quality of life in Arlington as "excellent or good." The overall quality of life in neighborhoods was rated at 79 percent on the excellent and good responses. Both satisfaction ratings are up when compared to the 2009 survey.

In addition, respondents were also asked to rank the city as culturally diverse, a great place to raise children, operate a business, work, and retire. Ninety percent agree that the city is culturally diverse, 75 percent rate Arlington as a great place to operate a business, and 79 percent rate it is a great place to raise children. Respondents also ranked Arlington in terms of safety. Neighborhoods and businesses continue to be rated highly for walking alone during the day or night. Citizen feelings of being safe during the day in neighborhoods and business areas rated 94 percent and 95 percent respectively.

When compared to previous surveys, citizen perceptions of major neighborhood problems are show a consistent and stable trend. Issues such as auto and residential burglaries, speeding through neighborhoods, stray animals, weeds and tall grass continue to be among the top concerns.

City Service Ratings

Overall, services provided by the City of Arlington departments continue to earn high satisfaction ratings with citizens. Approximately two-thirds of city services received a satisfaction rating of 80% of or higher.

The Arlington Municipal Airport, Convention Center, Fire Department/Emergency Management, Library, Parks and Recreation, and Action Center all earned high ratings over 90 percent.

The overall condition of streets, traffic signal timing and traffic flow management are areas perceived by survey respondents as needing improvement.

More Satisfied Customers

When it comes to assisting customers, 77 percent of survey respondents agreed that when they visit a city facility they get the answers they are seeking.

To stay informed about Arlington issues, 60 percent of respondents say they turn on the television, while 60 percent rely on the internet and over 40 percent read the newspaper.

When it comes to dollar value, 74 percent of survey respondents said they are "getting their money's worth" from the city, while 77 percent said they want to "keep taxes and services where they are."

When asked about leadership, 81 percent of respondents said the city is headed in the right direction and 82 percent would recommend Arlington to others.

What's Next?

According to Marketing Communications Manager Gerald Urbantke, who coordinates the annual survey process, the results are an assessment of how citizens view their city and neighborhoods. Each year the results are included in the long-term trend for each area to monitor changes over time. The responses were provided to the City Council for discussion during their planning retreat in early March.

Read the final report.

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