Dream Builders: Penelope Pencil Book Series Reminds Kids to Use Their Imagination
By Ryan Hunt
Posted on September 12, 2017, September 12, 2017

"Dream Builders" is a show on MyArlingtonTV that highlights the ways our community is helping kids dream big, nurture their creativity, polish their skills and develop the tools they need to achieve their American Dream as young adults.

The latest Dream Builders focuses on Penelope Pencil: A Story of Writing Imagination, a children's book by Arlington residents Benita Ibrahim and Joshua Ibrahim.

The mother-son duo created Penelope Pencil as a way to remind kids to dream big and use their imagination. The book follows the adventures of Ahna, Josh, and Faith as they learn, grow, draw, and explore.

"My dream is to help inspire people and to help kids learn to be different and be their own person," said author Joshua Ibrahim. "It's just helping kids remember to use their imagination."

You can purchase an e-book or paperback copy of Penelope Pencil: A Story of Writing Imagination online or visit www.writingimagination.com.

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