4 Things You May Not Know About the Arlington PD Property Room
By Linda Rhima
Posted on October 28, 2016, October 28, 2016

PD Property Room

It takes the hard work and can-do spirit of several departments across the City of Arlington to create a true American Dream City. The Arlington Police Department has many men and women trained to protect and serve our community, but there's one component of this department you may not know much about. Here's a list of interesting facts about the Arlington Police Department's Property Room:

1. The Property Room houses lost and stolen goods, but its main function is to store items for potential use in a criminal court case, which in some cases could last several years. The longest held items were first booked in the 1960s.

2. The Property Room is home to some interesting and surprising items, everything from tree branches to a casket.

PD Property Room

3. With so many items to keep track of, it's important to make sure the Arlington Police Department Property Room is clean and organized. Every item is carefully cataloged and receives a barcode. This enables employees working in the Property Room to pull something in a matter of moments once requested.

4. The Arlington Police Department sees an increase in storage of stolen items during the summer and the winter holiday season. Theft usually increases during these time periods. APD encourages residents to tag personal items with an identifier. This could be something as simple as your driver's license number to help the department return the item to the rightful owner as fast as possible.

If you have lost or stolen items that you would like to claim, please contact the City of Arlington's Action Center at 817-459-6777.

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