Pets of the Week – Meet Ruka & Lana
By Office of Communication
Posted on March 21, 2018, March 21, 2018

Dog of the Week - Meet Ruka

This seven and half year old female Bulldog mix is brindle and white in color and weighs 59 pounds. Ruka was recently owner surrendered to the shelter. Her previous pet guardian indicated she is friendly towards children and adults. The commands of sit, lay down, and "go for a walk" are all recognized by Ruka. Calm and mildly active, Ruka would probably benefit from a quiet household with a family offering opportunities for leisurely walks. She would also prefer to be the only animal in the household. Meet Ruka in Dog Adoptions (DA) 23, her ID number is 38086432.

Cat of the Week - Meet Lana

This two year old female is a Seal, cream and white Siamese cat. Upon her first encounter with you Lana may seem a little tentative, but she quickly warms up. As a young cat, she is full of affection. She likes being beside you all the while purring, kneading and head butting. In return for displaying her affections, Lana does expect a good kitty massage in return. Toys, especially a feather, showcase her playfulness and agility. Adopting Lana will have you singing, "Oh, Lana, ooh ya ya". Meet Lana in Cat Adoptions (CA) 1, her ID number is 38067576.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Ruka & Lana

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