Arlington Parks and Recreation Receives 5 TAAF Awards & Recognition
By Parks And Recreation
Posted on November 07, 2016, November 07, 2016

Awards & Recognition

The City of Arlington received five awards and recognition from the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation, or TAAF, conference in September 2016.

TAAF is a nonprofit organization established in 1925 that aims to promote, organize and conduct amateur athletics in the state of Texas.

Region of the Year Award

Region 4, which includes the City of Arlington and 29 other cities, was awarded the Region of the Year Award by the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation. This award is selected by the TAAF State Office and is based on the region that promotes amateur athletics through regional meetings, tournaments and the overall advancement of sports.

Regional Director of the Year

Wendy Parker, Arlington Parks and Recreation Athletic Programs Manager, was selected for this award based on her support for the advancement of sports in the region and communication with the State Office and Region Support. There are 17 regions in the TAAF Organization serving the state of Texas.

President's Award

This award is from the TAAF President for our assistance with the Men's 35 And Over Basketball State Tournament. Arlington provided the use of Elzie Odom Athletic Center and assisted with score keeping during the tournament.

Ten Year Games of Texas Liaison Volunteer Recognition

Parker has volunteered over the past ten years at various capacities within the TAAF. This award recognizes her support of the Games of Texas event by working as a volunteer liaison. The Liaison works with the TAAF State Office and hosting city to help work the event, distribute awards and more.

Silver Member City Award

This award recognizes Arlington's support for team and individual sports through registrations and league advancements through amateur sports.

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