Pets of the Week – Meet Kelsey & Jules
By Office of Communication
Posted on October 30, 2017, October 30, 2017

Dog of the Week - Meet Kelsey

This six and half month old female Pit Bull Terrier Mix is white, brown and brindle in color and weighs 38 pounds. Kelsey is a very active young dog that moves fast and loves to play. After expelling her energy playing, she can be coaxed into calming down to receive a good rubdown. Look into her eyes, two different colored eyes at that and be mesmerized by her stare. Kelsey would probably do best with an active family with older children. Opportunities for structured training and lots of physical stimulation would be to her benefit. Meet Kelsey in Dog Adoptions (DA) 7; her ID number is 3793787.

Cat of the Week - Meet Jules

This one and half year old female Domestic Shorthair is solid black in color. Need a pet to bring you some good luck? Then Jules may be the one for you. This sleek haired cat can be quite entertaining and playful. She possesses the traits of head bumping, purring and kneading. She also can be quite a talker. Come adopt Jules and let her cast her spell on you. Meet Jules in Cat Adoptions (CA) 23; her ID number is 36811912.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.


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