Arlington Fire Department Recognizes 10-year-old Girl for 911 Call
Posted on August 17, 2016, August 17, 2016

Arlington Fire

The Arlington Fire Department recently recognized a 10-year-old girl whose decision to call 911 helped an elderly neighbor in need.

Fire Department officials presented Chloe Minnis with a Letter of Commendation during a special ceremony Friday at Fire Station No. 14. She also got a chance to meet Velejah Jackson, the 911 call taker who took her call that day.

On July 31, Chloe decided to call 911 after hearing a loud banging sound coming from a nearby apartment. Arlington firefighters arrived and found a woman who had fallen and was unable to call for help. The woman had been lying on the ground for about 10 hours.

'Chloe 's actions were instrumental in easing the physical and emotional suffering that her neighbor was experiencing, ' Assistant Chief Jim Self said. 'We applaud her quick thinking. '