Tex Moton & YUMS Bring Innovative Fashion to The American Dream City
By Ryan Hunt
Posted on August 22, 2016, August 22, 2016

Already established in the art community as an innovator and talented graffiti artist, Howard "Tex"Moton began to implement his style and take off in the world of fashion when he founded YUMS in 2007.

In 2015, Moton made the decision to bring his thriving business to Downtown Arlington with President and CEO J.P. McDade, a UT Arlington graduate.

YUMS is not only an American Dream story, but a true Arlington Dream fully realized. In addition to McDade, YUMS also calls on the talents of Arlington resident, Taylor "Tee"Leach. Tee grew up in Arlington and now serves as VP of Marketing.

"I'm always amazed that Tex can come in every day and churn out new ideas, when I'm still thinking, how did he do that the day before,"said Tee.

YUMS continues to grow as a fashion-forward business, designing headwear for professional sports teams like the Dallas Mavericks, and most recently unveiled a new line for the Texas Rangers.

he American Dream City

Photo courtesy: YUMS: You Understand My Style

The YUMS brand is an acronym meaning "You Understand My Style. "Utilizing the truly unique colors and patterns of Tex Moton, the brand has also designed apparel for local Arlington businesses like Legal Draft Beer Company, which recently opened this summer.

In a 2015 interview with Downtown Arlington Management Corporation, Tex Moton was asked what the word "dream" means to him.

"The launching pad for imagination, to do the things most think are impossible. Dreams are the reality to me, and reality is the area in between you reaching them," Moton said.

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