January 2018 Volunteer of the Month: Larry Cummings, Jr.
By Office of Communication
Posted on January 02, 2018, January 02, 2018

Larry Cummings,

Moving from Germany to Arlington in 1966, Larry Cummings, Jr. quickly realized that rules are in place to keep us safe. After having to appear before a judge for speeding, racing, and causing too much noise that resulted in the revocation of his driver license, Larry changed his ways.

Larry read an article in the Arlington Citizen-Journal about Teen Court in 2007 and decided to get involved. He has served on the Teen Court board and eventually became chairman. He is currently serving as a Judge for the Teen Court proceedings.

"I am passionate about Teen Court because it offers young people options when they have made a bad choice," Larry said. "The "aha' moments happen when defendants return to serve on a jury and pass judgment on others that have committed the same offense. I invite anyone who feels that the future is in our children's hands, to come visit Teen Court in session on Tuesday nights."

The Arlington Teen Court is proud to recognize Larry Cummings, Jr. as the Volunteer of the Month. He is a true asset to the program and has dedicated many Tuesday nights to Arlington youth.

Thank you for your service, Larry!

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