Work Begins to Rebuild Aging Residential Streets in East Arlington Neighborhood
By Susan Schrock
Posted on February 02, 2017, February 02, 2017

East Arlington Neighborhood

A $4.8 million project is under way to rebuild decades-old streets in a section of east Arlington.

The 2015 Residential Street Rebuild Phase II project targets six deteriorating streets in an area bordered by Park Drive to the north, Sherry Street to the east, Pioneer Parkway to the south and Daniel Drive to the west. Over the next year, Arbor Lane, Kent Drive, Monaco Court, Monaco Drive, Tower Drive and Trent Drive will be rebuilt and improved with storm drain, water, and sanitary sewer line renewals.

Click here to see a map of streets involved in the project.

Using a rating system, the City of Arlington selects streets identified as being in the worst condition for replacement through the annual bond-funded Residential Street Rebuild Program. These six asphalt streets, built in the 1950s and 1960s, will be replaced with concrete streets designed to last for decades.

"These are streets that need to be completely rebuilt because they are beyond routine maintenance," said Clint Hoover, a Public Works Department civil engineer.

East Arlington Neighborhood

Work began earlier this month and some trees and vegetation were removed from the public right-of-way in advance of the project. The City will also need to temporarily disconnect portions of property owners’ in-ground sprinkler systems that extend into the right-of-way but those sections will be reconnected once construction is complete, Hoover said.

The City of Arlington plans to spend a estimated $20.3 million in bond funding this year rebuilding residential streets. This does not include design costs or water and sanitary sewer improvements. Rebuilding residential streets align with the Arlington City Council Priority to Enhance Regional Mobility.

Voters approved funding for this particular Residential Street Rebuild project in the 2014 bond election.

East Arlington Neighborhood

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