Arlington Water Utilities’ Ozone System Upgrades Nearly Finished
By Traci Peterson
Posted on February 02, 2017, February 02, 2017

System Upgrades Nearly Finished

Ozone generator at an Arlington water treatment plant.

Arlington Water Utilities is nearing completion of a $14 million, multi-phase project to replace ozone generators and other equipment at the Pierce-Burch and John F. Kubala Water Treatment Plants.

The Arlington City Council approved the project with the understanding that the replacement of the aging equipment will help Arlington continue to provide residents with high-quality, great-tasting drinking water.

In recent years, the Texas Water Utilities Association has recognized Arlington Water Utilities three times for having some of the best tasting drinking water in Texas. Ozonation, a process of using the gas ozone to disinfect drinking water, is a big factor in Arlington water's award-winning taste.

The Pierce-Burch Water Treatment Plant will be returned to active operation this week, following the completion of ozone system upgrades at the plant. As part of the ongoing project, the John F. Kubala Treatment Plant will be placed offline for four to six weeks. No water service interruptions or changes to water quality are expected.

Please call Water Utilities Customer Care at 817-275-5931 with any questions or concerns. Visit for more information about Arlington Water Utilities.

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