New Community Relations Commission Aims to Promote Kindness in Neighborhoods
By Ryan Hunt
Posted on February 17, 2017, February 17, 2017

New Community Relations Commission

The Arlington City Council recently relaunched the Community Relations Commission, now a 15-member group representative of the growing diversity of The American Dream City.

"I love this city because its diversity is apparent everywhere I go,"says Devan Allen, who serves as Commission Chairperson.

The City Council will work with the Commission to address important issues in the community. The first project, announced at last fall's City Council Retreat, is an initiative to promote kindness in Arlington neighborhoods. The vision is to spread the City's core values of compassion and kindness by promoting amicable relations while fostering understanding between different cultures and communities.

"One thing I really want to see happen is participation, with more members of the community engaged,"said Norm Lyons, Community Relations Coordinator for the City of Arlington. "In order for this to work, the whole city needs to get involved."

Lyons said the Commission hopes to raise awareness by promoting City activities and programs available to residents, including numerous volunteer opportunities Arlington departments offer throughout the year.

"While our differences should be celebrated,"Allen said, "the kindness initiative will give lifelong residents and those new to the city, as well as those just visiting, a great opportunity to participate in a meaningful and unique sameness - working together to give and receive kindness."

Still in its initial developmental stages, the Community Relations Commission held its second quarterly meeting on January 12. The Commission looks forward to future collaborations with local school districts, various City departments, UT Arlington and other community pillars to engage residents.

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