Rapid Reference Guide Aims to Answer Arlington Residents’ Code Compliance Questions
By Carol Weemes
Posted on January 24, 2018, January 24, 2018

Rapid Reference Guide

Curious if your grass is too high, what to do about an old appliance that you need to dispose of, or what time trash should be placed curbside? Welcome to the City of Arlington's Single-Family Rapid Reference Guide. Answers to these and many other common code-related questions are a simple click away.

Code Compliance is using technology to serve up an à la carte menu of clickable icons to provide the viewer the ability to quickly link to pages of information on a multitude of topics pertaining to residential properties.

Want to know what is allowed, or not allowed with a home-based business, and who to contact for more details? Did you know the City removes graffiti for free with a signed waiver? Are house numbers required on your home? The site is designed to help connect residents with resources, provide education on city codes, and help make Arlington residential neighborhoods better and safer.

Last year, the City published new web pages to assist Arlington tenants and property owners with a Multi-Family Rapid Reference Guide. This site offers apartment scores, a menu of common code concerns, how to report or address code violations and more.

A guide to provide code related information for commercial properties is in the works. Development of these new web pages helps support the City Council Priority to Put Technology to Work. We are committed to improving services and efficiencies in allocation of resources, with a goal of making a positive impact on Arlington's neighborhoods.

For more information, contact the Action Center at 817-459-6777.

Put Technology to Work
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