Bond Tracker: Residential Rebuild Progressing in East & North Arlington
By Office of Communication
Posted on January 31, 2018, January 31, 2018

The City of Arlington has launched a regular Bond Tracker segment for MyArlingtonTV to keep residents informed about the progress of construction on dozens of projects that were included in the City's bond elections.

This month's episode features Public Works and Transportation's 2016 Residential Rebuild project, as work is progressing to rebuild sections of seven residential streets in north and east Arlington.

In addition to smoother roads, residents on the selected streets can look forward to improved water and sanitary sewer line renewals. This project is replacing asphalt pavement roads with concrete roads that are designed to last 50 years.

Since March 2015, the City's Public Works & Transportation Department has managed nine design and seven construction projects with the Residential Rebuild Program.

As of December 2017, approximately $20,000,000 has been spent out of the $29,000,000 allocated to the Residential Rebuild Program through the 2008 and 2014 Bond Elections. In the next three or four months, all seven of the construction projects will be complete.

The following streets are included in the 2016 Residential Rebuild Program:

  • Cedar Street from Woodrow Street to Cooper Street
  • Gardiner Street from Sanford Street to Fuller Street
  • Woodrow Street from Fuller Street to Cedar Street
  • Reever Street from Moore Terrace to Browning Drive
  • Ridgeway Street from Hillcrest Drive to Huntington Drive
  • Greenway Street from Raines Street to East Park Row Drive
  • Highland Drive from Mitchell Street to Raines Street and from Raines Street to East Park Row Drive

Rebuilding residential streets aligns with the City Council priority to Enhance Regional Mobility. Residents can use the City's Street Tracker site to learn about the latest construction projects.

In November 2014, Arlington voters approved a five-year, $236 million dollar bond package. Projects included in the package focus on street improvements, Parks & Recreation, Fire Department facilities and City Libraries.

The City offers residents an interactive Bond Tracker website, filtered map, updated stories and videos on construction projects, and complete list of the Capital Budget Planning and Project Sequencing for the 2014 Bond Program here.

Each project will be updated on the website and the City will post stories, videos and pictures of the progress of those projects.

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