10/1/1919 - 5/16/1923

William H. RoseJames Preston Rose and his wife Cordelia "Delia" Ditto Rose, the daughter of James and Elizabeth Ditto, were married in 1869. James and Delia migrated from Guntersville, Alabama to Greenwood, Mississippi where they lived for several years prior to moving to Arlington, Texas in 1876. The family home was on the northeast corner of Abram and Mesquite Streets, not far from Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church, South (First United Methodist Church), where they were charter members.

William H. Rose, born in Arlington in 1883, was the son of James and Delia Rose. He married Ollie Gibbins, daughter of pioneer James Gibbins, who moved to what is now north Arlington in 1860. Ollie was born in Arlington in 1884, the same year that Arlington was incorporated. They were also members of Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church, South (First United Methodist Church).

William was a merchant, real estate developer and Mayor of Arlington from 1919-1923. His vision for Arlington was great. During his administration, Arlington's first City Charter was adopted in 1920, city audits were initiated, a variety of ordinances were passed, the first sidewalks were laid, a modern water system was established and new businesses were formed. Education was of utmost importance as evidenced by the sale of bonds for the building of Arlington's first high school on Cooper Street.Mayor_Rose_Family

In 1908, he and R.A. Mitchell were partners in the Rose & Mitchell real estate business. William and his brother Web owned and operated the Rose Brothers Realty Company. Among other areas in Arlington, William developed the 500-600 blocks of South Center Street, which is known as the South Center Street Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. He resided with his wife Ollie Gibbins Rose and daughters Berta and Margaret Leslie in the first home constructed within this district.

 Text by Martha Rose May Martin and Melissa Rose Martin, Granddaughter and Great granddaughter of William H. Rose 2008.

Photo Credits:
Mayor William H. Rose
Courtesy, Martha Rose May Martin

Ollie Gibbins Rose, Mayor William H. Rose, Daughter, Margaret Leslie Rose
Courtesy, Martha Rose May Martin