General Instructions for Remitting Hotel Occupancy Tax Form

Form Field Hotel and Motel Occupancy Tax Report
A. (Total Gross Receipts) All charges for sleeping accommodations including any sleeping accommodations claiming an exemption. (Sum of all rates charged to customer) Do not include charges received from use of meeting rooms and/or banquet space.
B.1 (Federal Employee Exemptions) Federal government employees travelling on official business.
B.2 (State official and other exemptions) Texas state employees who present a state hotel exemption Photo ID, Foreign Diplomats who present a tax exemption card and certain non-profits that have been issued a letter of hotel tax exemption by the Comptroller’s office. See EXEMPTIONS page for additional details.
B.3 (Permanent Residents) Any occupant that has paid for a consecutive 30 days or indicated by writing their intent of occupying the sleeping room for a consecutive 30 days.
B. (Total Allowable Exemptions) B.1 + B.2 + B.3
C. (Net Taxable Receipts) A – B
D. (Total Tax Due) C * 9%
E. (Total Penalties and Interest) Failure to pay by the due date will result in a 5% penalty. An additional penalty of 5% of the tax due shall be paid if the tax is not paid within 30 days from the date the tax was due. Another penalty of 5% of the tax due shall be paid if the tax was paid within 60 days from the date the tax was due. Delinquent taxes shall draw interest at 10% per annum beginning 60 days from the date the tax was due.
F. (HOT Tax + Penalties and Interest) D + E
G. (Portion of Tax at 7%) F*7%
H. (Portion of Tax at 2%) F*2%
I. (Total Number of Rental Units in Property) How many rooms does your property have?
J. (Extended Stay Occupied Rooms) How many rooms are being occupied by permanent residents as of the last day of the month?
K. (% Permanent Residents) J / I
L. Online Travel Companies Does your property receive reservations from Online Travel Companies?
Online Travel Company Report (Page 2)

Hotel and Motel Occupancy Tax Report Regarding Sales Involving Online Travel Companies (OTC) – (Use one form per OTC, only fill this page if you selected YES for Online Travel Companies on previous page)

Room Nights How many rented room nights did the OTC book with your property?
Name of OTC Name of Online Site
Total Gross Receipts Total amount received from the Online Travel Company (Includes Rate, State, and Local Taxes)
Exemptions Any exempt entities that were not charged Tax by the OTC
Net Receipts A – B

Mail payment and form to:
City of Arlington – Treasury Division
PO Box 90231
MS 63-0800
Arlington TX 76004-3231