How To File A Claim With The City Of Arlington

If you believe the City is responsible for your property damages or bodily injuries, you may file a claim for damages against the City. The following steps should be followed to file a claim:

  • Report Your Claim Online
  • Forms may also be requested by contacting the City’s Claims Administrator at 817-459-6310. Complete the form, include the required supporting documentation, sign, and return to the City Secretary’s Office at the address indicated on the front of the form.

Once received, the City Secretary’s Office will forward a copy to Risk Management. The City’s Claims Administrator will investigate to determine the City’s liability and the amount of damages owed, if any. This process typically takes two to four weeks.

The City of Arlington does not have liability for all types of claims for damages. State law provides that cities are immune from liability for various activities, such as damages resulting from street conditions. If it is determined the City may be liable, the City’s Claims Administrator will work with you to achieve an equitable settlement. If the results of our investigation into the facts and applicable laws results in no liability for the City, you will receive a letter stating that your claim has been denied.

If your claim is denied or you cannot reach an agreement on the fair value of your claim, you still maintain the option of pursuing your case in the courts. If so, you may find it advisable to consult with an attorney.

For further information, please contact Risk Management at 817-459-6849.