38 Grants - $1,552,260

Animal Services

City of Arlington - Animal Services
The initiative targeted homes located in the 76010 and 76014 zip codes which included as many as 30,000 households. To reduce the risk of rabies and growing concerns about distemper, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a vigorous program offering pet owners vaccination and spaying/neutering services augmented with a proactive approach to addressing aggression animals. At the core of the program was a thorough and targeted marketing effort to promote the clinics where free vaccination services, microchip and spay neutering services were offered with the purchase of a City of Arlington pet license ($7). All breeds were welcomed with a concentrated effort to address issues facing the Pit Bull breed coordinated by the Respect a Bull organization and offering the Fix a Bull initiative.

Sponsor Adoptions Financial Aid for Pet Owners
The recent economic downturn has impacted the ability for many Arlington families to provide the proper nutrition and health of their family pet. As a result, many of these families feel the best alternative is to surrender their pets to the city's animal service center. The Sponsor Adoption program assists families encountering this decision by providing financial assistance to meet the pet's needs and to deter surrendering. Additionally, citizens may also request pet food, supplies, and short term relief of veterinarian pet care costs.

Safe Neighborhoods

Arlington Classics Academy
The project goal is to improve the safety of our campus by constructing sidewalks in high traffic zones and repairing sidewalks in other areas. These sidewalks will have an immediate impact on the more than 700 people that visit the campus on a daily basis.

First United Methodist Church
The project will incorporate Townscape's concepts for overall cohesive community definition and builds on the urban design concept that began with the I-30 Three Bridges Project. This project will improve safety and accessibility of Arlington's Old Town district while expanding the footprint of downtown Arlington.

Women's Center of Tarrant County
The funds will be used to underwrite specialized rape and domestic violence counseling services for Arlington women.

SafeHaven of Tarrant County
Safe Communities Programs grant offers support for a project to provide as much as 3,000 counseling hours at the Arlington Resource Center to 600 adults and 125 children who have been impacted by domestic violence.

Strong Neighborhoods

Catholic Charities
Establish a Catholic Charities Service Site at 917 West Sanford Street, Arlington, 76012. The site will be open five days a week and will serve a minimum of 15,000 Arlington residents per year. Examples of services that may be offered at the site include: financial assistance, financial education and coaching, volunteer income tax assistance, transportation services, counseling, medical assistance, immigration consultation services, and benefits enrollment.

Communities in Schools of Greater Tarrant County
Provides at-risk Arlington students with intensive case management by licensed and trained social workers. Students and their families are connected to local services that meet their basic needs in order to keep students in school and have access to the support needed to be successful students. The core focuses on 88-90 students per school in Sherrod, Webb Elementary Schools and Nichols Junior High School.

Lena Pope Home
Grant will underwrite Lena Pope family counseling services for almost 200 clients in Arlington.

Christian Women's Job Corps (CWJC)
Underwrite project costs associated with CWJC computer and job-training sessions for low-to-moderate income women seeking first-time or improved employment opportunities. The grant provides financial assistance to upgrade one of the program's computer labs.

Higher Education Servicing Corporation
Grant helps support expenses for College Ready GO Centers which are designed to reach the city's low-income, at-risk student population with information and tools to help offset the costs associated with higher education. Program offers college prep classes, Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) workshops, GO center mentoring programs in high schools, Financial Literacy and website training.

City of Arlington - Housing Authority
The Supportive Housing Program is a transitional housing program designed to move families from homelessness to self sufficiency in two years. This program currently serves 24 households (12 families and 12 individuals). Grant to bridges the program's case management element to FY15.

Meals on Wheels
Provide funding to ensure an additional 7,000 meals are delivered to the city's homebound residents during 2013.

Arts & Culture

Arlington Community Band
Grant will provide band equipment for the band's musicians and bring a greater awareness to the community of community band's programming.

Friends of the Levitt Pavilion Arlington
Gift to the Levitt Pavilion 2013 Fall World Music Series provides 50 free culturally diverse concerts featuring an array of professional musical artists from around the world and our own back yard.

Friends of the Levitt Pavilion Arlington
Gift to the Levitt Pavilion 2013 Children's Concert Series to provide free children's concerts by professional children's artists during its Children's Concert Series. These interactive concerts are designed to teach children creativity, self-esteem, and social skills in a fun, entertaining manner.

Dance Theatre Arlington
Grant will help underwrite the company's hosting of a two-day local dance competition event and its associated dance workshops which offers groups the opportunity to work and train with professional choreographers.

Theatre Arlington
The program is dedicated to teaching spontaneous creative problem solving using performance activities and skills as teaching tools. The teaching artist guide students through various creative exercises and curriculum materials which address ways to handle social and family issues facing local students.

Arlington Museum of Art
Grant provides support for the museum's William H. Johnson's Harlem Renaissance twelve-week exhibition. The work celebrates the African-American artistic and cultural heritage. The Harlem Renaissance work depicts methods in which African-American activists employed the artist and writers of their culture to work for the goals of civil rights and equality.


City of Arlington Library Services
The Reading Corps assists Pre-K and elementary school children develop reading skills and instill a love reading and literature. The program is offered in local schools, libraries, and other educational or recreational settings in Arlington and Mansfield.

City of Arlington Library Services
A grant providing funding to expand the Library Services downloadable formats.

City of Arlington Library Services
Underwrite costs associated with TechLiNK — a traveling facility designed to reach segments of the community unable to access a local library or those unaware of library services. The "RV-styled' vehicle is equipped with 12 computer work stations, TVs for instruction, wireless connections, and is wheelchair accessible. TechLiNK targets residents living in the 76010 zip code area where there is a predominance of low-income families.

Parks & Recreation

City of Arlington Parks Department
Underwrite costs associated with the City's annual fireworks and the annual downtown Light Up Arlington and Eco Fest extravaganzas.

City of Arlington Parks Department
Funding to build and replace Adult Softball Metal Dugout Covers at Randol Mill Park.

City of Arlington Parks Department
Providing children and youth with opportunity participate in the Department's Build-A-Dream Programs which provide a wide-range of activities ranging from athletic and sports, summer camp and art programming to the city's low-income families.

City of Arlington Parks Department
Underwrite costs associated with enhanced landscaping and continued capital improvements to Vandergriff Park.

City of Arlington Parks Department
Support costs for design and build exhibit and vendor huts to be used at the annual Christkindl Market and other festivals throughout the year.

City of Arlington Parks Department
Provide funding to replace the Brantley Higgins Park playground equipment.

City of Arlington Parks Department
Cover costs associated with Dottie Lynn Recreation Center landscaping and building improvements.

Strengthening Youth & Families

Arlington Kiwanis Foundation
Contribute to the organization's annual Diaper Drive by providing funding to purchase toiletries, diapers and clothing for bags of product donated to families in need.

Child Study Center
Grant underwrites the organization's Children's Care Fund, which serves children who come from modest and lower income levels and/or without insurance. The highly specialized services offered at the Center would help 56 children from Arlington receive the developmental healthcare services they critically need, including, diagnostic evaluation and medical management in developmental pediatrics, testing of intellectual and academic functioning and applicable counseling in psychology services and specialized educational services for children with severe learning disorders in the Jane Justin School.

Senior Citizen Services of Greater Tarrant County
Grant supports costs associated with the group's wellness workshops which offer 400 of Arlington's senior population with one-on-one consultation, complete drug inventories of all prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs, licensed Master Social Work (LMSW) or trained interns counseling and entry in a pharmacy-supported database system designed to flag adverse drug interactions.

Tarrant County Youth Collaboration
Grant supports TEAM UP! which targets local high school students from PreK-8th grade in the skill-building program which combines sports video games and standards-based skills practice to build on each student's proficiency with math, science, and language arts skills tested on state-aligned measures.

Mission Arlington
Provide funding to purchase three 25-passenger buses which the organization will utilize to provide transportation for local residents who would otherwise be unable to attend school, work or medical appointments. These vehicles will be available to assist other human service partners with in the city of Arlington.

Down Syndrome Partnership
Underwrite expenses related to the 4th annual iCan Shine, Inc., camp July 29 ‑ August 2, 2013 at The University of Texas at Arlington. The program accommodates up to 35 individuals with physical and mental disabilities, ages 8 and over, and uses a nationally-recognized specialized curriculum to teach campers skills necessary for riding bicycles.