The following information outlines the guidelines and requirements in order to request an adjustment on a water utilities account for water consumption due to a leak or extenuating circumstances.

  • The water consumption in question must have already been billed to a customer.

The water consumption in question must be 2 times higher than the customer's normal consumption, as compared to the same billing period in previous years.

Note: The following may be used to process a request: 1) a comparison of the usage from the
same month(s) the year prior. 2) When there is not sufficient previous year data available, data from the
current year billing may be considered.
  • A maximum of one adjustment is allowed per 24-month period.

Note: An adjustment may be for up to two consecutive months' consumption.

There will be no adjustments for swimming pool filling or refilling. An adjustment will only be considered for leaks due to the operation of the pool.

  • Marginal cost will be updated annually.

Eligibility for an adjustment is considered on a case-by-case basis. A credit is given for the water consumption that is above the customer's normal usage at the marginal cost. Credit adjustments granted by City of Arlington Water Utilities are not required nor guaranteed to be granted for every request submitted, but are offered as a courtesy to encourage water conservation.

Please call 817-275-5931 to determine if you qualify for an account adjustment.