Have you ever wondered what happens to a rain drop as it travels from the clouds, through our neighborhoods and into our local waterways? A Raindrops' Journey is designed to allow students to visualize how pollutants enter our streams, creeks and lakes through raindrops as they travel through our urban environment.

Students will learn the different types of non-point source pollutants and learn ways they can help prevent those pollutants from entering our local waterways.

  • A short discussion over the water cycle and the storm drain system
  • Know where it goes activity!
  • Each student will receive a copy of the Adventures of Stormy the Raindrop Activity Book and will color their own Rainy Day Magnets.

Contact the Stormwater Education Specialist at 817-459-6572 or via email at Stormwatereducation@arlingtontx.gov to schedule a presentation for your students.