APD Motorcycle Officer doing speed enforcement

The Arlington Police Department Traffic Division works to protect the public by enforcing laws designed to keep city roadways safe, correcting illegal and unsafe driving behavior, and educating community members about traffic safety.  

The Traffic Division uses a data driven approach to strategically direct resources to areas with high volumes of crashes and hazardous driving violations. This helps them to more effectively address problems like speeding, aggressive driving, road rage, and other traffic-related issues that arise.

Units in the Traffic Division

The Arlington PD Traffic Division is made up of multiple units:

  • Motorcycle Unit: As their name implies, the Motorcycle Unit consists of officers who ride motorcycles. They conduct traffic enforcement across the city and provide special escorts.

  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) Unit: Officers assigned to the CVE Unit conduct enforcement on commercial motor vehicles such as 18-wheelers and perform inspections on them to ensure they're roadway safe.

  • Traffic Enforcement Unit: Traffic Enforcement Unit officers drive patrol vehicles and conduct traffic enforcement across the city. 

  • Crash Investigators Unit: Crash Investigators lead the investigations into serious bodily injury and fatality crashes, as well as any crashes involving city vehicles.

  • DWI Unit: Officers assigned to the DWI Unit patrol city roadways, working to detect and apprehend impaired drivers.

APD traffic enforcement vehicle

Traffic Fatality Statistics

The Arlington Police Department tracks all fatality crashes that occur on roadways within the city.

Year-to-date statistics for the current calendar year are below:

  • Total Fatality Crashes in 2024: 20 crashes
  • Total Traffic Fatality Victims in 2024: 20 fatalities
  • Motorcycle Fatalities in 2024: 4 fatalities
  • Pedestrian Fatalities in 2024: 8 fatalities

End of year statistics for the previous calendar year are below:

  • Total Fatality Crashes in 2023: 42 crashes
  • Total Traffic Fatality Victims in 2023: 43 fatalities
  • Motorcycle Fatalities in 2023: 6 fatalities
  • Pedestrian Fatalities in 2023: 10 fatalities

To view statistics from past years, visit the APD Annual Reports page by clicking here, then select the year you wish to view and scroll to the "Fatality Crashes" page in the report.

APD Safe Roads Initiative

In March 2023, APD launched its Safe Roads Initiative in response to an increase in crashes and traffic / pedestrian fatalities across Arlington.

The initiative has four primary goals:

  • Reduce injury crashes
  • Reduce intersection crashes
  • Reduce fatality crashes
  • Reduce pedestrian fatalities

The Traffic Division is taking several actions to achieve those goals:

  • Speed Enforcement
  • DWI Enforcement
  • Pedestrian violation enforcement and contacts
  • Information sharing with patrol operations
  • Community Engagement

To learn more about when and where APD officers will be doing enforcement as part of the Safe Roads Initiative, visit the APD Facebook page by clicking here.

APD Officer making a traffic stop

Request a Presentation on Traffic Safety

The APD Traffic Division believes community engagement and education play a vital role in making our roadways safer.

If your neighborhood, community, or school group would like to request a presentation on traffic safety or traffic stops, please contact the APD Traffic Division by calling (817) 459-5583 or clicking here to send an email.

Safe Streets Arlington

The Arlington Police Department is one of several agencies involved in the City of Arlington's "Safe Streets Arlington" initiative to create a comprehensive transportation safety action plan for the community.

To learn more about this effort and how you can get involved / provide input, visit the Safe Streets Arlington website by clicking here

Driving Safety and Laws

For more information about driving safety and traffic laws in Texas, visit TxDOT's Driving Safety and Laws website by clicking here

An Arlington PD CVE Officer conducts an inspection on an 18-wheeler