A significant amount of research is required to prepare the case for prosecution. Assistance is needed for some of the follow up activities. Volunteers are sometimes required to review monitors of cameras that are strategically placed throughout the city. They will be looking for suspicious activity or suspects breaking into vehicles or other related incidents.


Examples of tasks and responsibilities

  • To obtain serial numbers for stolen property
  • To verify data and information on the offense report 
  • Contact merchants and victims of financial crimes to obtain documentation of fraudulent activities
  • Provide contact information to victims and inform them of next steps in the investigation process
  • Call citizens with Class C misdemeanor warrants and advise them of the outstanding warrant(s) and how to make disposition

Qualifications Requirements

  • Good phone manners and ability to express empathy for victims
  • Attention to detail
  • Completion of any departmental required training

Work Locations

North, East, South, or West (view City of Arlington District map)