Recycling is as easy as tossing something in the trash, except, unlike items you throw in the trash, items in your recycling bin are recovered to become something new. Recyclables have the power to become new packaging and new products. When your recycling becomes something new; US jobs are generated, greenhouse gases are reduced, and natural resources and landfill space are saved.

But did you know that recycling the wrong way can be harmful to the recycling economy and potentially dangerous to recycling workers?

Recycling correctly is a critical part of conserving natural resources, creating healthier air to breathe, cleaner water to drink, and creating sustainable jobs.

Special NoticeThe City of Arlington is working to phase out single use plastic grocery bags from the recycling stream.  Please leave these out of your recycling cart and opt for reusable bags instead or return them to your local grocery store for recycling.  You may continue to recycle paper grocery bags.

Recycling Yes/No List