The 2021 Sheri Capehart Animal Essay Contest winners are listed below. Click on the student names to read their essays.

Third Grade
Essay Topic: If you could make up a holiday for animals, what holiday would it be and how would you celebrate it?

First Place – Zoe Wolfe, Little Elementary
Second Place – Reagan Capps, Little Elementary
Third Place – Cambry Lavigne, Little Elementary

Fourth Grade
Essay Topic: How do you think animals communicate with people?

First Place – Lucas Douglas, Homeschooled
Second Place – Abby Tettleton, Wood Elementary
Third Place – Ryder Whitehead, Mary Moore Elementary

Fifth Grade
Essay Topic: If you could make one rule for the world to follow about animals and everyone had to follow it...what would that rule be?

First Place – Nicole Wagner, Mary Moore Elementary
Second Place – Riley Babb-Corley, Homeschooled
Third Place – Margot Shaffer, Mary Moore Elementary

Sixth Grade
Essay Topic: In 2060 how will animal shelters be different than they are today?

First Place – Madeleine Moore, Wood Elementary
Second Place – Adler Michener, Wood Elementary
Third Place – Liam Allen, Wood Elementary