How do I pay my water bill?

Online: go to the Water Department web site to view or pay your bill (full or partial payment are accepted).

By Mail: Mail the bill stub and a check or money order (payable to Arlington Utilities) to P.O. Box 90020, Arlington, TX 76004-3020.

In Person: Payments can be made in person to a cashier between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday at either of our office locations: 

  • Municipal Building – 101 West Abram Street, 1st floor
  • South Service Center – 1100 SW Green Oaks Boulevard

Drop Box: Payments by check or money order (NO CASH PLEASE) are accepted 24 hours a day at both office locations in the night depository drop boxes. Note: any drop box payment made after 7:00 a.m. will not be posted until the following business day.

By Phone: Call 817-275-5931 to pay your bill in full through our automated telephone system. Visa, MasterCard, or Discover cards are accepted. It’s quick and easy, a totally free service to our customers 24 hours a day.

How do I report a water leak or a broken main?

To report a water leak or broken main, contact the Water Utilities Dispatch Center at 817-459-5900.

How do I report drainage problems?

To report drainage problems, call the Public Works and Transportation Department at 817-459-6550. The call will be assigned to an engineer who will evaluate the concern and respond accordingly.

Is my property in the floodplain?

To find out if your property lies within a floodplain area, call the Public Works and Transportation Department at 817-459-6550 with your address.

Who do I call about possible pollution in the creek in our neighborhood?

If there is pollution in the creek in your neighborhood, call the Public Works and Transportation Department at 817-459-6550.

Does the city clean the creeks behind private property? Borrow ditches? Channels?

The Public Works and Transportation Department/Street Division maintains concrete channels and borrow ditches within the street right-of-way. The Public Works and Transportation Stormwater Maintenance crew maintains the concrete channels outside the street right-of-way. The City does not maintain creeks and channels left in their natural state. The adjacent property owners are responsible for any required maintenance including debris pickup.

What can my neighborhood do to conserve water?

A few suggestions to conserve water are:

    • Water yards thoroughly every 5 days.
    • Incorporate water-conserving plants suggested in the Xeriscape brochure into the landscaping.
    • Check for faucet and toilet leaks.
    • Use automatic sprinkler system only when grass actually needs watering.
    • Deactivate automatic sprinkler systems on rainy days.

For additional information or to obtain a copy of the brochure, contact the Water Utilities Department.