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Posted on February 22, 2021, February 22, 2021

Emergency Repairs

As the ice and snow melt after this historic winter weather event, many residents and business owners will find that they will need to make emergency repairs to their homes and businesses. We understand the need to help you get back to normal as quickly and safely as possible. To help you and/or your contractor during this time, the City has created a priority permit process and will waive any permit fees related to the emergency repairs needed for you to recover from this weather event.

A City permit provides you a City inspection to ensure your repair work is performed correctly and complaint with the codes.

• When you apply for a permit and mention in the description field “February Winter Storm Damage”, we will prioritize your permit for expeditious review and fee waiver. Also, we will have staff at the One Start Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to help you apply for the permit and get it approved quickly, so you can get your repair work completed in a timely manner.

o Please see the FAQs below that guides you on which repair work requires permit and how to apply, and tips on choosing a contractor.

• If, in a state of emergency, you couldn’t wait to apply for a permit, please go ahead and still call our One Start Center at (817) 459-6502 and explain to the Customer Service Representative your situation, your address, and that you do not have a permit at this time, but would like to have an inspection conducted. We will mark you down as “work without a permit” and still schedule the inspection. During inspection, our inspector will talk to you or your contractor to apply for the permit (for which the fees will be waived) so we can document that permit was issued and work was inspected.

• Additionally, for emergency situations, if you need after-hours inspection, please call 817-459-5900 and provide the permit number and address.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What work do I need a permit for?
Any work or repairs related to plumbing, electrical, or mechanical (HVAC) systems in your home or business will require a permit, as will any major structural repairs. So, things like broken pipes, malfunctioning electrical circuits, water heaters or heating system repairs or replacements all need permits. A list of Work That Does Not Require A Permit is provided here.

If you have questions about whether you need to apply for a permit or how to apply, please call (817) 459-6502 and let us know what is the extent of the work/repair, and we can guide you on what type of permit may be required and how to apply.

2. Will a licensed and registered contractor need to perform the work?
Any work repair related to plumbing, electrical, or mechanical (HVAC) systems must be performed by a licensed Trade Contractor. Contractors must be registered with the City, if not, then they can register online at arlingtonpermits.com. If a contractor needs to register, they should ensure that they have their license information available and verify that any insurance requirements through the State are current, this will help the registration process.

For other work, homeowners may do the work themselves if they wish. Homeowners will be required to sign a homeowner's affidavit online at arlingtonpermits.com and must still comply with the City of Arlington's codes. Homeowners should carefully consider the complexity of a project when considering whether to hire a contractor.

Click here for Tips On Choosing a Contractor. If you hire a contractor, typically, your contractor will apply for and obtain the permit for work in your home.

3. How does my contractor apply for a permit?
Registered contractors (or homeowners) can apply for permits online at ArlingtonPermits.com at the convenience of their homes or offices, or by using the walk-up kiosk at Planning and Development Services Department, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 101 West Abram Street. They will need information about the full scope of work to be performed in order to apply.

i. For us to prioritize your permit for review, please mention “February Winter Storm Damage” in the required DESCRIPTION field.

Permit Information

ii. Also, when you submit the permit application, please choose the “Pay Later” fees option. We will waive the fee at the back end and move the permit forward.

4. How long will it take to review my permit application?
Typically, individual plumbing, electrical, or mechanical permit will be reviewed same-day, and can be issued the same-day. Commercial and Residential Remodel permits will be reviewed as quickly as possible. Homes and businesses affected by the winter weather event will receive priority processing for all permits.

5. Are there fee waivers for permits related to weather damage?
Yes, the City will waive permit fees for work related to winter weather damage until April 2, 2021.

Winter Storm
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