Residents Can Help Champion a Clean Arlington by Reporting, Preventing Illegal Dumping
By Melissa Walker, Environmental Education Specialist
Posted on April 24, 2024, April 24, 2024

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Dumping trash and debris in unauthorized locations creates many health and safety concerns, makes our community look unattractive and pollutes local creeks, streams and lakes.

Illegal dumpsites can contain broken glass, exposed metal, hazardous wastes and other dangerous material. Some of the most common illegal dumping violations are throwing litter out of a car or boat; dumping automotive wastes, tires, household trash, construction material and/or yard waste in unauthorized locations such as vacant land, open park land, storm drains, sewer systems and near local waterways; pouring used motor oil or restaurant grease into storm drains or into sanitary sewer manholes and disposing of trash or yard waste in concrete channels, streams, creeks and lakes.

 The negative impact of Illegal dumping can be felt in our neighborhoods and throughout the community.

  •  Loss of vegetation in the Riparian areas due to soil contamination along our creeks and streams can increase erosion along local waterways.
  •  Native plants and animals are harmed due to contaminated water ways, disruption of the food chain and habitat loss.
  •  Drinking water resources become polluted increasing cost to water treatment facilities.
  •  Blocked storm drains and waterways from illegally dumped material can Increase the risk of flooding.
  •  Rats, mice, mosquitos and other pests are attracted to and populate dumpsites which can cause many health and safety issues.
  •  Property values decrease and create a negative community image.

 Citizens can help stop illegal dumping by following simple guidelines:

  •  Always dispose of your litter and trash properly
  •  Talk to your neighbors about the harmful effects of illegal dumping on your community
  •  Do not transport unsecured debris in the back of a vehicle. Always use a tarp or other cover.
  •  Household hazardous waste should be taken to a city collection event or an Environmental Collection Center.
  •  Organize volunteer cleanups of illegal dumpsites and neighborhoods. People are less likely to litter in clean areas.
  •  Report Illegal Dumping – The community’s help is essential in catching and deterring illegal dumping into the storm drain system, creeks, streams and lake. Call the action center at 817-459-6777 or file an online report at

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