Set Alerts to Track Water Usage with "Know Your H2O"
By Traci Peterson, Arlington Water Utilities
Posted on May 30, 2019, May 30, 2019


Arlington Water Utilities customers with remotely-read meters can now sign up for high-usage email alerts to better control their water use and avoid utility bill surprises. The City of Arlington added the alert feature this month to the Know Your H2O water customer account access website.

Setting up a high usage alert is easy.

1. Log in to the Know Your H2O website at If you have not registered in the past, you will need your account number to register.

2. Click on the “My Profile” tab on the bottom left side of the page and choose “Notifications.”

3. Enter a number in thousands of gallons in the “Usage threshold alert” text box. Click the button marked “Email” and then, “Update Notification Settings.”

When water usage is on track to exceed the alert limit in a billing period, an email message will automatically be sent to the email address associated with a customer’s Know Your H2O registration. Customers also will receive emails after they have exceeded their alert threshold. Alerts will be sent daily as long as usage is on track to exceed the limit and after the limit has been exceeded. However, customers can stop receiving notifications by logging in to Know Your H2O and changing their threshold alert.

Arlington Water Utilities updated many features on the Know Your H2O customer portal in 2018, including giving residents with remote-read meters access to daily water usage totals. Click here to visit a guide about the new online account access features.

Know your H2O

As always, residents can pay or view their current bill online. Other Know Your H2O features include:

  • A “Billed Usage” tab that allows all residents to compare monthly readings for up to two years and compare their billed usage to monthly temperatures. (This can be helpful in determining where to set usage alerts.)
  • A “Bills and Payment” tab where residents can download PDF copies of current and past bills.
  • A “Forms” tab that lists all the forms that customers might need in one easy-to-access spot, including donation enrollment forms and forms for transferring or disconnecting service or reporting outages.

Are you looking for ways to decrease your water usage? Visit for helpful tips. Information also is available about how to locate and repair water leaks that could be increasing usage.


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