Arlington Kindness: Community Groups Get Veterans Back on the Road
By Office of Communication
Posted on February 01, 2021, February 01, 2021
Car recipient with donors, volunteers

He bravely served our country in Afghanistan, but transitioning back to day-to-day life came with serious challenges for Army veteran Josh Alvarez. Alvarez eventually found himself living in a hotel with his pregnant wife. With no reliable car, basic tasks became challenging and costly. The lack of transportation eventually cost Alvarez his job. 

It was at this low point, the spirit of Arlington kindness came through. The team at Project Spark heard Alvarez's story and got to work. Project Spark is a community group made up of different agencies, working to restore and provide cars for veterans.

The project is led by the team at Arlington's Midas auto shop on South Cooper Street, including owner Robb Koenigseder and manager Marcus Boles. Boles is a Marine veteran himself. While Midas handles parts and labor, the work is truly a community effort. Cowtown Warriors, DFW Devil Dogs and Tarrant County Marine Corps League Detachments have all helped fund the project. Late last month, the team was joined by Arlington City Council Member Dr. Victoria Farrar-Myers to present Alvarez with a car. The group also helped him find a new job. 

Alvarez was the seventh veteran to receive a car from Project Spark, and the team already has an eighth donation in the works. If you're interested in helping, click here to donate. You can also call Midas at 817-468-1661.

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