Arlington Nonprofits Encouraged to Participate in Online Survey Through Dec. 31, 2023
By Susan Schrock, Office of Communication
Posted on November 29, 2023, November 29, 2023

State of the Sector

Do you care about nonprofits? There is a new opportunity to strengthen the sector.

Arlington nonprofits are encouraged to participate in an online survey through Dec. 31, 2023, as part of a first-of-its-kind study to help the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation better understand the needs of the organizations that serve our community.

The survey, being conducted by College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs (CAPPA) researchers at the Texas Tier One-rated UT Arlington, is part of the State of the Sector: Catalyzing a Thriving Nonprofit Community initiative that launched earlier this year. The innovative initiative, underwritten by the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation and with participation by the City of Arlington’s Grant Management Office and United Way of Tarrant County, aims to help Arlington norprofits attract and retain talent, become more fiscally secure, adopt new processes and mechanisms for success, diversify their funding streams and document their success post-pandemic.

CAPPA Assistant Professor Emily Nwakpuda and CAPPA Professor Karabi Bezboruah are conducting the survey to collect data and deeper perspectives from the Arlington nonprofit sector on issues such as their workforce and volunteer base, outreach and program outcomes, clients’ unmet needs and how those needs may have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey was originally sent by email on Sept. 1 with the goal of collecting at least 250 responses.

Arlington nonprofits can click here to take the survey if they have not done so already.

“We recognized the overall health and strength of the nonprofit sector is critical,” said Carolyn Mentesana, Arlington Tomorrow Foundation executive director. “This deliberate, academic research will help us better know our nonprofit sector, which in turn will help us be more strategic and proactive when it comes to funding programs and projects to benefit our community.”

Click here to visit the State of the Sector webpage for more information on the project goals and outcomes.

The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation, the largest charitable endowment in the city, has provided almost $43 million in grants to more than 500 projects and programs since its inception in 2007. United Way of Tarrant County (UWTC), which celebrated its 100th year in 2022, is also a major funder of the nonprofit sector and will provide its unique perspective on the study and its findings.

A final State of the Sector report detailing the research process, finding and conclusions, along with practical recommendations, is expected to be delivered by July 2024. Arlington-based nonprofits or those who serve the Arlington community are invited to provide contact information for the study by email at [email protected] or by calling 817-272-5302.

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