Preliminary Flood Map Issued for Rush Creek Watershed; 90-Day Appeal and Comment Period Open for Property Owners
By Melissa Walker, Environmental Education Specialist
Posted on September 14, 2021, September 14, 2021

The City of Arlington’s Public Works and Transportation Department developed the Rush Creek Watershed Study as part of its ongoing effort to manage the FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) and protect Arlington residents and business owners from flood risk. This study uses comprehensive and up-to-date technical data to more accurately identify and map areas that may be subject to flooding. FEMA has accepted the City’s data and the preliminary floodplain map update for Rush Creek is available for viewing on the City’s map revisions webpage. The floodplain limits will change for certain properties in this watershed and property owners may be required by their lenders to carry flood insurance. Property owners should be aware that all properties with federally backed loans within the SFHA will require flood insurance. Tenets of properties in the floodplain are encouraged to buy content coverage. Don’t wait to purchase flood insurance. It takes 30-days for a flood policy to take effect so contact your insurance agent for more information or visit

When a preliminary flood map is issued, FEMA provides a 90-day appeal and comment period for new or revised Base Flood Elevations (BFEs), flood hazard zones, and/or floodway boundaries. The 90-day appeal and comment period is open to residents, business owners, developers and other property owners that may disagree with the flood risk shown on the preliminary map. A virtual map for viewing and comparing the current FEMA SFHA and the preliminary changes to the FEMA floodplain can be accessed at

Comments or appeals to the preliminary flood map changes must be submitted to the City and will be reviewed for technical validity. Appeals and comments that are determined to have sufficient information and data will be forwarded to FEMA. After the appeal period, FEMA will evaluate the data from these appeals and comments and request additional data, as necessary. Once all appeals are resolved, FEMA will send an appeal resolution letter to the community and all appellants and revise the preliminary flood map as appropriate. After that, FEMA will finalize the flood map and send a Letter of Final Determination to each community, stating that the map will become effective in six months. All comments or appeals to the floodplain changes must be submitted to the City by Oct. 22, 2021.

An appeal which is a formal written objection to a new or modified BFE, Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), floodway, or flood zone. This must be supported by an analysis or scientific evidence showing that the information on the preliminary map is scientifically or technically incorrect.

A comment points out changes needed for any other information related to the updated map. For example, an incorrect street name or jurisdictional boundary.

Contact the Public Works and Transportation Department at 817-459-6550 or [email protected] if you have questions on the upcoming map update, would like to make an appointment to review Floodplain Maps in person, or would like to submit a comment or appeal. For more information about FEMA map revisions visit the Community Members’ Guide to Initiating Map Revisions at

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