City of Arlington Narrows Police Chief Search to 24 Applicants
By Office of Communication
Posted on August 18, 2020, August 18, 2020

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The City of Arlington has narrowed its nationwide search for a new police chief to 24 applicants.

Arlington launched its search June 1 following the retirement of Police Chief Will Johnson. In partnership with The Bowman Group, a local Arlington consulting firm with a specialty in police and public practices, the City reached out through numerous public safety recruitment and communication avenues to recruit quality applicants interested in serving as the next leader of the police department’s estimated 900 officers and employees.

In all, 74 public safety professionals from across the country applied by the City’s Aug. 3 deadline. After in-depth analysis and review of the applications, 24 candidates were selected for advancement to the next round in the recruitment effort.

The next phase will consist of three distinct rounds. The milestones for these next steps are: 

  • The City, in collaboration with The Bowman Group, will narrow the initial pool of 24 applicants to a more focused group of candidates, which will move to the semi-final round of the process. 
  • Semi-final Round:  In-person interviews are slated for mid- to late September 2020. The candidates selected for this round will engage in a series of stakeholder panel interviews, which may include members of the City’s executive leadership team, community leaders and employee representatives.
  • Final Round:  In-person interviews are scheduled for mid-October 2020. In addition to a final panel interview with the City Manager’s Office, finalists will also experience a city tour and participate in a community forum where the public will be able to actively participate and ask questions of the finalists.

A final selection of the City’s new Chief of Police is anticipated to occur by the end of October or early November of this year.

These are the 74 applicants for the police chief position.

  • A.T. Smith
  • Aaron Cornelius
  • Abdul Pridgen
  • Alexander Jones
  • Bradley McKeone
  • Catrina Shead
  • Charles Haycox
  • Charles Ramirez
  • Chris Vallejo
  • Christopher Wingard
  • Damon Brown
  • Daniel Neill
  • Darryl Albert
  • David Wermes
  • Derrick Wood
  • DeShawn Beaufort
  • Edward Reynolds
  • Ernest Morales III
  • Francis Donchez
  • Holland Jones
  • Jacob Jackson
  • Jaime Ayala
  • James Lowery Jr.
  • James OGrady
  • James Rhoden
  • James Spencer
  • Jason Compton
  • Jason Lando
  • Jeffrey Young
  • John Pate
  • John Thomas
  • Joseph Gramaglia
  • Joseph Lestrange
  • Joseph Sullivan
  • Joshua Bruegger
  • Juan Torres
  • Kevin Kolbye
  • Larry Scirotto
  • LaShanna Potts
  • LaTesha Watson
  • Lawrence McCall
  • Leroy Smith
  • Lonnie Cook
  • Louis Silverii
  • Malik Aziz
  • Mark Bliss
  • Mark Denney
  • Michael Zerbonia
  • Nathaniel Clark
  • Osbaldo Flores
  • Perry Tarrant
  • Prurince Dice
  • Ralph Vieux
  • Ramon Batista
  • Rawan Fattal
  • Rex Marks
  • Richard Cannon
  • Richard Hall
  • Richard Pearson
  • Rick Gramza
  • Robert Jones
  • Robert Jones 
  • Robert Merner
  • Robert Winn
  • Roberto Arredondo
  • Rodney Blisset
  • Stan Stanridge
  • Steve Thurman
  • Tarrick McGuire
  • Terry Ross
  • Thomas Robinson
  • Timothy McCormick
  • Todd Richardson
  • Tyrone Morrow
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