Pets of the Week – Meet Gibson & Norman
By Animal Services
Posted on January 19, 2021, January 19, 2021

Cat of the Week - Meet Norman

This three-year-old male Domestic Medium Hair is a brown and black Tabby. Norman is a very loving cat. Although he is very shy, he will approach your outstretched hand to be petted all the while purring and kneading. He is very adept at making “biscuits” as he walks across the floor. He doesn’t seem too interested in interacting with toys but in a new “purrever” home where he is king of the castle, he might let his inner kitten come out. Norman would probably do best in a quiet environment with all adults. A family with the patience to let him explore on his own would be a good match for him. Adoptions are currently half price, so it is a good time to come adopt a new feline friend. Meet Norman in Cat Adoptions (CA) 5, his ID is A46420504.

Dog of the Week - Meet Gibson

This one-year old male Australian cattle dog is red and white in color and weighs 60 pounds. Gibson is a young dog who really likes to play. He loves to play fetch and unlike many dogs, he actually will return the ball to you! His main focus is play, play, play! Australian cattle dogs are known to be active and intelligent and have a tenacious sense of duty. A family that will encourage activity and provide Gibson with a job to do would be a good fit. While he knows the commands of sit and stay, this canine would probably benefit from some structured training classes. Because of his “herding” tendencies. Gibson would probably do best in a home with older children and no cats. Meet Gibson in Dog Adoptions (DA) 9, his ID is A46411553. Adopting Gibson would make him do a “happy dance”.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the Week
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