Pets of the Week - Meet Davie & Lillian
By Animal Services
Posted on September 07, 2021, September 07, 2021

City of Arlington Animal Services Pets of the Week.

Cat of the Week – Meet Lillian

This two-year-old female Domestic Shorthair is a brown, black, and white Tabby. Like many cats, Lillian is cautious around new people in new surroundings. By being patient, providing her with affection and reassurance, you are likely to win her over. She is a super sweet cat and will probably be a good lap warmer (once the weather turns cooler!). She's not really excited about expending any energy to play with toys. Just give her a cozy place to perch so she can take in the world around her. Spending time with her, letting her get to know you will probably inspire Lillian to be your "bestest" friend. Meet Lillian in Cat Adoptions (CA) 1, her ID number is A48546434. Acquiring a new "bestest" friend is only $25 during our Clear the Shelter adoption special.

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Dog of the Week – Meet Davie

This two years one-month-old male Shepherd mix is black, brown, and white in color and weighs 73 pounds. A new month greets us with a special representation of a canine waiting to be adopted. Davie is a real friendly active dog who harbors a keen interest in his surroundings. He likes to "sniff" things out but once he's satisfied his curiosity, he's ready to come visit for some human interaction. But after he's "scratched that itch" (so to speak), Davie is ready to continue his investigation of the surroundings. Toys and treats do seem to be of interest to him as well as any other entertainment he can find. While he does need some leash practice, Davie does seem eager to learn. Meet Davie in Dog Adoptions (DA) 25, his ID number is A48362440. Don't delay – come adopt Davie while his adoption fee is only $25 during our current adoption special.

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Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the Week
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