Pets of the Week - Twizzler & Terri
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Posted on December 05, 2022, December 05, 2022

Dogs of the week

Dog of the Week - Meet Twizzler

This four-years and two-month-old female Pit Bull Terrier mix is tan and white in color. As seen in the photo, Twizzler had a special visit from City Council Member Nikkie Hunter and her husband. They were greeted by a friendly dog that has been in the shelter for nearly three months. This dog gave birth to three puppies shortly after her arrival and took care of them until they were old enough to be adopted. The puppies have moved on their furever homes and Twizzler is still waiting. She gets the zoomies while in the play yard but will return to your side for some "pets". Her modus operandi is zoomies, pets, zoomies, pets, repeat. After running around she will calm down but is still excited to be with a person. As a VIP pet due to the length of time she has spent in the shelter, Twizzler is ready to be part of your "Pawlidays". Don't deny this special dog an opportunity to find her furever home and make her holiday wish come true. Meet Twizzler at Dog Adoptions (DA) 1 – her ID number is A51135942.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Terri

This three-years and eight-months old female Shepherd mix is brown, white and black in color and weighs 32 pounds. Terri is considered an easy going, friendly and fun canine. With an expressive face, she seems to smile when you talk to her. When asked to sit she is so proud to grant your request. Terri enjoys running around the play yard but truth be told, she would much rather be a lap dog and be by your side. She loved the special attention she received from Council Member Hunter and her husband recently. Having been in the shelter for a while, she has truly come out of her shell and shines. As a VIP pet, Terri has a reduced adoption fee. Wouldn't it be great to select her to be a part of your "Pawlidays"? Meet Terri at Dog Condo (DC) 2 – her ID number is A51375521.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the Week
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