Pets of the Week - Meet Maximus & Slinky
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Posted on May 01, 2023, May 01, 2023

Pets of the week

Dog of the Week – Meet Maximus

This five-year, one-month old male Labrador Retriever mix is solid yellow in color and weighs 75 pounds. Look at that smile... that face... that personality! It all jumps out of the picture and right into your heart. This fun-loving dog is full of life. He's ready to jump into your lap and show you what life is meant to be like. With him by your side your life may have the added spirit it was meant to have. He needs to learn some manners with the leash; however, the longer he walks on leash the better he does. He loves treats and has figured out that “sit” means being rewarded with a treat! Maximus would probably do best with a family that will provide physical activity and lots of love. Having achieved VIP status, he is available at a reduced adoption fee. Adopt Maximus and maximize your life and his! Meet Maximus at Dog Adoptions (DA) 19, his ID number is A52297078.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Slinky

This three-year, one-month old male Labrador Retriever mix is black and white in color and weighs 40 pounds. Slinky is a long-legged mix breed that is just right for any family! He will slink into your heart as you gaze into those brown eyes. He is a joy to be around. "Hooman" interactions with staff and volunteers have gone well. He loves to play and run and sniff. He is definitely a "sniffer" dog as he will find any and all smells providing nose to the ground entertainment. If you hide a treat in your pocket, he will find it! He is a big-hearted dog in a medium size dog body resulting in great combination. Since VIP status has been achieved by Slinky, adopting him today at a reduced adoption fee will help us toward our shelter goal of adopting 200 animals by May 6. Meet Slinky at Dog Adoptions (DA) 27, his ID number is AA52306502.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration and microchip.

Pets of the Week
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