Pets of the Week - Kalea and Miley
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Posted on July 26, 2021, July 26, 2021

Kalea and Miley

Cat of the Week – Meet Miley

This one and half year-old female Domestic Shorthair is black and white in color. Miley is one of our VIP Pets due to being at the shelter for a while. While she's making the best of her situation, she would really like to be adopted and have a new "purrever" home. Exploring her surroundings and playing with toys are some of her favorite pastimes. Like most cats, she is quick to figure out where the "squeak" from a toy comes from and will pounce on it. Miley seems to like life in general and will allow her affectionate side to shine after playtime. Although she is eager to be adopted, she respectfully requests to be the only cat in your household. A $10 adoption fee through August 8th is available during our Olympics adoption special "Go for the Gold". Miley is in Cat Adoptions (CA) 17, with ID number A48156614. Miley would love to be your couch companion to watch the rest of the Olympics.

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Dog of the Week – Meet Kalea

This five year, three-month-old female Rottweiler mix is black and tan in color and weighs 70 pounds. One of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet, Kalea is a very special dog needing a new special pet guardian to adopt her. She loves being with people whether going on a walk or just sitting quietly together. Being on the receiving end of some good "pets", Kalea will offer up her tummy, her neck, or whatever other body part for you to bestow your affection on her. While she shows a curiosity for toys, she's not quite sure what to do with them. She greets the shelter staff with fully body wags as she patiently waits to be adopted. Because she is heartworm positive Kalea is considered one of our VIP Pets. Additionally, she has been diagnosed with arthritis so a really soft bed in a new home would be desirable. Meet Kalea in Dog Adoptions (DA) 21, her ID number is A47944229. During our "Go for the Gold" Olympics special thru August 8th, her adoption fee is only $10.

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Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the Week
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